I feel compelled to bring out my most shiny, and bright self, which is great but it wouldn’t be realistic.  The truth is that on any given day I’m probably a bit of a mess, but I’m doing my best.

When I Knew Better, I Did Better.

Parenting. I am Mother to 3 grown ups now. Still wrapping my head around that, at 25, 23 and 20, they don’t need me. They are navigating their own lives and I’m interjecting my opinion once in a while. In a positive, constructive manner of course. Stepmonster to 3, also grownups, 22, 20 and 18. They don’t need me either, and they already had a Mom so I just got to enjoy them weekends and some vacations.

Divorce. I learned a lot about myself in regards to divorcing. I’m still learning how to do better in this, or I may have just stopped caring.
“You’ve always been a cold hearted bitch” -my ex

Re-marriage. The second time around. That’s a constant learning how to do better, I definitely knew better when I got married the second time.

My Sister.  aka The Sista.  She’s crazy.  She doesn’t like me to write about her very much, but it will be ok because she’ll never know about this blog.


Canines.  Presently we are owned by a long haired miniature dachshund.  Also crazy. One Thanksgiving after an entire day of wanting to kick the dog because he was constantly under foot and just so happy to be around me, I realized that every time I said the word ‘turkey’ he thought I was saying ‘cookie’.


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