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Failing to Succeed … The Continuing Bulge Battle

In May I wrote a post about my frustration with failing at weight watchers.

How to Fail at Weight Watchers

I’m still failing at weight watchers, and after a year and only losing 10lb. I think I can do better on my own.

I confess that since I wrote about my failings at this round of weight watchers I have relaxed a little in my attitude.  I am 52 and while I want to be healthy, feel healthy, live a long healthy life I also want to enjoy a glass or twoish of wine.  Order French fries and not feel like I’ve failed as a human being.  Accept that I’ve had a cesarean, then followed it up with two more pregnancies so I’m never going to have a flat stomach.  I’m amazed that at 52 I’m still preoccupied with the number on the scale and the shock and awe experienced when I see a picture of myself.  The other day while boiling pasta I slipped a piece onto a spoon, bit into it to test whether it was done, then immediately panicked because I had tracked so well that day and it fell into the category of bite, lick and taste.  Three little words that weight watchers warns us about when calculating our daily points.  The hidden calories that add to surprise weight gains.

My goals have transitioned to stop counting calories and points, and to focus on healthy habits.  To Know Better, and Do Better, for my health without losing my mind!  What have I got to lose?!


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