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Sleep Cheap 2017

Sleep Cheap is a little known charity event in the Niagara area, specifically for locals.

Sleep Cheap Charities Reap  

Sleep Cheap

I, being CHEAP, and a philanthropist, well, a philanthropist with no money.  Actually, I’m probably more cheap than anything.  Through this fundraiser I booked a room at the Marriott for $35.00!!!!  A great program that supports local charities. It comes around for a week every November and you can subscribe with your email so you are reminded for the 2018 event.

After I checked in I resisted the urge to hibernate in the room with my book and ventured down to Starbucks. Living in a small town I don’t have the opportunity to enjoy the magic that is a Starbucks, which may be a good thing as every time I go I have sticker shock. $11.00 bought me a green tea latte and a scone. I don’t know why I bought the scone, I was starving and thought a little pastry might tide me over until Mike arrived and we could go to dinner.  I’m reeling from the knowledge that I paid 6.25 for a drink and it won’t even contribute to a buzz, and that little beauty on the napkin is supposed to be a scone.  It’s essentially a cookie.  A $2.75 cookie.  Before I get called out on my mathematical ineptitude I paid $1.98 in tax, which is also ridiculous.

Horseshoe Falls

We decided to forgo any gambling as at this time we are broke, and not feeling very lucky.  We did however partake in a couple of martinis and opted for a tapas dinner barhopping from the casino back to the hotel. I slept like the dead.

Bridal Falls American Side        Niagara Falls at Night


Highly recommend this mini-break!

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