doing better

Fur Babies and an Empty Nest

This is Jack.   He is not fond of rain, squirrels, the vacuum cleaner, or snow.  Canadian winters are unkind to miniature Dachshunds.  We need to shovel a section of the yard so he can do his business unencumbered. Jack is getting older, he’s a grand old man at 13, 91 in dog years.  Mike and I have been debating…

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Family Moments, I Did Better

Heretofore Blogging

    I was notified by my web host that my contract would be ending soon and I began the debate of letting the domain name go and switching to a free platform. I did the same thing a few years ago with a previous blog, I’m not sure why I thought blogging would be different this time around. Apparently…

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50ish and Fabulous, I Knew Better

The Truth About Empty Nesters

    When the last bird flew the nest I did feel nostalgic about the technical ending of my role as a Mom.  The empty nest process was gradual, with my son being the third, and last to leave home.  Having been through the college drop off twice it wasn’t a huge shock to the system, but it did take…

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