50ish and Fabulous, Grey, I’m Doing Better

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

At the beginning of last year I decided to stop colouring my hair.  I thought it was going to be this dramatic event, and that I would have to endure the skunks tail.  My plan was to spend the summer wearing baseball hats, and touques in the winter.  Touque or toque, depending on your region, or opinion in Canada.  If…

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50ish and Fabulous


It’s no secret that I am fashion challenged, and while I enjoy picturing myself fashionable I lack confidence, creativity, and motivation.  In my youth I followed trends, I have a chilling recollection of banana clips, scrunchies, lace gloves et al  Madonna, and there was a short Hippie phase.  I was ahead of my time as this was before the Bohemian…

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Grey, I Knew Better


    I decided to stop colouring my hair earlier this year and previously blogged my progress. Shades of Grey I took a couple pictures the other day and thought I would update my progress.  I have to say my hair, while wiry thanks to the grey, feels a little more healthy.  It could be the B vitamins I’m taking…

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