50ish and Fabulous, I Knew Better

The Truth About Empty Nesters

    When the last bird flew the nest I did feel nostalgic about the technical ending of my role as a Mom.  The empty nest process was gradual, with my son being the third, and last to leave home.  Having been through the college drop off twice it wasn’t a huge shock to the system, but it did take…

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Grey, I Knew Better

When I Knew Better…Reflective Surfaces

When I Knew Better…. Reflections of 2017. I’m a little late to the New Year’s party but in my defence, the older I get the quicker time goes.  I don’t set New Year’s resolutions, for me that’s a recipe for disaster. If I’m not committed to something a new year isn’t going to motivate me.  This is one of the…

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I Knew Better, Marriage

The Honeymooners

Mike and I recently celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary, I say celebrated but the truth is that the most celebratory thing about the day was that we both actually remembered.  We don’t do anniversary’s well.  It’s not due to any animosity towards the date or our marriage, it’s just that we don’t feel like we need a reason to go…

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