I Knew Better, I’m Doing Better

That’s Embarrassing

A couple of months ago, as I was walking down the street my toe hit the edge of the sidewalk, and I took a very ungraceful header to the ground.  I scraped my knee, ripped my pants, bruised my palms, and as I picked myself up and wanted to die, my husband asked if I was ok. I wanted to punch him.  This isn’t the first time I have experienced this humiliation, or the first time he has picked me up off the sidewalk.  Yes, I was sober.

I have put my foot in a pothole and fallen in front of a bridal party that were getting on a party bus. I experienced another sidewalk incident and was lucky enough to have a group of young guys behind me to witness, they laughed and stepped over me. So, after the most recent humiliation I was thinking about all of my embarrassing moments.

In my 20’s I was on the beach with my boyfriend and his friends and their girlfriends.  I was sitting on the sand trying to be cool, wearing a bathing suit, drinking a beer.  When it happened.  A warm, wet, splat on my shoulder.  I could feel it on the side of my face, and I knew that this was most definitely not a rain drop.  I won’t go into the humiliation, or how that group of friends referred to me as Bird Girl from then on.  I will say this boyfriend was quite gallant and used his t-shirt to clean me up.

When I was pregnant with my first I let one go in front of my boss and employees, I wanted to die.  As my boss walked away the staff started tittering and thought it was him.  I obviously never confessed.  Once you’ve been Bird Girl you just let those things go.

No pun intended.


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