50ish and Fabulous, I’m Doing Better

Where Ya Been?

I can’t believe it’s been more than 6 months since I published a blog post. I have 32 drafts in my draft folder. An example of where my mind has been.

So, where have I been? Working. (obviously) Trying to lose weight. (still) Contemplating the meaning of life. (always)

I never realized what a toll divorce, remarriage, menopause, and an empty nest could do to your mental health. My previous posts were abandoned because I was just complaining about being scattered, directionless, and struggling with the concept of the empty nest.

Maybe, I should have written about my scattered, directionless, struggling self and given my 54 year old butt a break. I’ll be honest, it’s taken 6 months, a haircut, purchasing matching bras and panties, and a little bit of Gin to get to this point.

I resolve, to persevere in the quest to live a healthy lifestyle (I’ve switched to light beer). To paint my fireplace, and the living room. I’ve lived in this house about 12 years and have yet to paint the living room 😀 To read more! To write more! Take chances. Learn another language. Get stronger thighs.

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Navigating life as an over 50 Goddess. Empty nester, twice married, once divorced, Mom, Stepmom, Miniature Dachshund owner, Post Menopausal, Canadian, all with a little humour and learning that When I Knew Better, I Did Better. I hope.
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